Best Crawl Space Door Made

Building crawl space doors that last and are as easy to install as they are to use.

Cathmer's patent-pending design is different than other crawl space doors on the market. Cathmer crawlspace doors are designed for ease of use and ease of install. The door is designed to limit failure points, allowing for an attractive door that isn't going to rot or rust.

Designed by contractors, for contractors & homeowners alike. A crawl space door that any average DIYer can confidently install themselves, with a professional finish.


Crawl Space Doors Manufactured in South Carolina

  • What Is An Overlay Door?

    An overlay crawl space door is a door that is made to fit multiple sized openings. The frame installs outside of the opening and is a quick and easy solution for most crawlspace doors. They require 3.5 inches of clearance on all sides, including the bottom of the door.

  • Custom Crawl Space Door

    Our custom craw space doors are built as ordered, shipped within three business days of the order. Approximately 40% of crawlspace openings require a custom built door. Custom doors are built in many different ways, but mostly they have a door frame built similarly to an exterior door frame. The frame sits inside the opening and installed similarly to a traditional door.

  • Overlay vs. Custom

    A custom door is required when the crawlspace access point either sits flush with the ground or when the opening or one of the sides don't have 3.5 inches of clearance around the opening. The overlay frames must have a minimum of 3.5 inches on all sides for installation. Custom and overlay doors look identical when closed.

Customer Review

"I couldn't be happier with our new Cathmer crawlspace door. The materials are premium quality and Chad was very communicative through the entire process of ordering our custom door. Install was straightforward and the instructional videos provided were helpful. I look forward to never having to worry about replacing this door again.

Jon - Spotsylvania, Virginia