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Cathmer Crawlspace Doors

Custom Crawl Space Doors - Custom PVC Access Door

Custom Crawl Space Doors - Custom PVC Access Door

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Measure to the nearest 1/8"
Measure to the nearest 1/8"

Many homes have crawlspace access points that require a custom door. Usually this is because the opening is flush with the ground or too close to another object for an overlay door. Other times is is a sizing issue or simply a preference. Cathmer can build a custom crawl space door and ship within five business days.

Cathmer Custom Crawl Space Doors are made in Mount Pleasant, SC.  Constructed of PVC and will not rot.  No hinges, nothing to rust.

No latch, magnet mounted on inside of the door that is out of the way allowing for clean lines and less opportunity for failures in latches. 

All custom crawlspace door hardware is included and specific installation instructions based on the custom PVC crawlspace access door we build for you. 

We require 1-3 pictures of the door opening, one of the photos must be of the entire door opening. We also need measurements of the opening, foundation opening to foundation opening (height and width). The custom crawlspace doors will be built with the expectation the existing door framing, metal or wood, will be removed prior to installing our doors. 

Custom Door, Partial Inset — This configuration sits partially inside the opening, with trim around the outside of the rough opening, and the frame of the box sits within the opening. Also available in flat bottom/flat top configurations. These are best when there is at least 2.5” of clearance on all sides with the frame, utilizing a flat bottom/flat top as needed. 

Custom Door, Full Inset — This configuration sits fully inside the opening. Also available in flat bottom/flat top configurations. The face of the door is flush with the outer wall, and all of the build profile of the door sits within the opening. These are best when the outside of the rough opening does not allow for either the overlay or partial inset options.

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Shipping & Returns

Direct shipped via FedEx. Door will be received within 5-7 business days.


Custom built per specifications from buyer

Care Instructions

Painting with dark colors and in direct sunlight can cause door to attract heat. Recommend only painting with specialty PVC paint. Cleans with soap and water.

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  • Free Shipping

    All door purchases included free shipping via FedEx. Expect to receive your door within 4-7 days.

  • Return Policy

    Free returns on defective products. Customer pay shipping & handling fee for any overlay orders that were incorrectly measured. Custom doors are not returnable or exchangeable.