DIY Exterior Crawl Space Door

DIY Exterior Crawl Space Door

Today's homeowners are more interested than ever in taking matters around their property into their own hands. They're learning that some tasks are relatively straightforward to handle themselves — provided they have the right tools at their disposal.   


Let's go over how you can install an exterior crawl space door and how important it is to make the process easy on yourself.  


Should You DIY?  

DIY has some notable benefits over having something pre-built — but not always. Sometimes, buying a quality door and doing the installation yourself is more straightforward than the build.   


Many people enjoy DIY because of the satisfaction that comes with building their own things. But if you’re like many homeowners just looking for something simple, going complete DIY may not be the best route for you.  


Time is a significant factor; frequently, homeowners want to go the DIY route to save money. But instead, they can end up spending so much time that it offsets any monetary savings. DIY builds often have unexpected expenses, a potential learning curve, and more setbacks than if you were to buy your exterior crawl space door outright.  


Buying a pre-built door and installing it yourself can be the answer, but keep in mind that some pre-built options aren't nearly as easy to install as others. If you're unfamiliar with some power tools, you could just as quickly be out of your element as you would be if you were starting from scratch.  


Crawl Space DIY: Pros  

There are certainly benefits to DIY; otherwise, no one would do it. And even though, typically, purchasing and installing a well-made crawl space door is usually the simplest method, there's still some merit to the DIY approach.  


First, it gives you more control over the design and materials. Though the design won't often matter to many, especially if the door is on the exterior, if your heart is set on using specific materials, it could be easier to DIY than find pre-built doors.


Pre-built doors might also not fit over the crawl space entrance if it doesn’t have typical dimensions. You can avoid this by opting for custom doors, but it’s still a valid reason to want more control over the design.  


Crawl Space DIY: Cons  

Aside from the loss of time and money, there are many other reasons why you might want to reconsider a DIY job for a new exterior crawl space door.  


Often, the most frustrating part of building one of these doors is how many moving parts there are. It's one thing to build the door itself. It's quite another to install the hinges and frame. And while you can likely find some online resources to help with installation, these are just extra steps you don't necessarily have to take.  


The other issue with DIY is the quality of the installation. The more elements you put together yourself, the higher the chance that you'll run into an issue somewhere.   


Improper installations could reduce your door's lifespan, negating any money or time you'd save by building it yourself since you'll just have to buy a replacement.  


The Compromise  

What's the way forward if neither approach is perfect? The best angle is to buy a pre-made door that takes virtually no effort to install.  


Keep in mind that some pre-made doors can require extra work. Additionally, if you’re the owner of a crawl space entry with odd dimensions, you’ll need to find a company that will create a custom door based on your measurements.   


Preparing for Different DIYs  

Pre-built doors could be the best option if you plan to DIY your door. But if you want to buy the materials and separate pieces yourself, do enough research first to buy the right elements. You'll also want proper tools to attach each piece to your new door, which can be costly if you don't already have them.  


Consider each separate piece and the material it's made from if you aren't buying pre-built. If you buy a strong material for your door but weak hinges, you won't have a very effective door to install. You’ll also need to make sure everything fits together the way it should, or you could end up needing to replace or modify parts as you go.  


Pre-built doors don't require nearly as much forethought. You can often buy these doors, follow the manufacturer's directions for installation, and have your door installed quickly. Doors from Cathmer Crawl Space Door are an excellent example; they're simple in the best way and make DIY installations a snap.  


Cathmer Crawl Space Door as the Solution  

You can still feel the accomplishment of DIY without the mess and stress. Browse our options for quality PVC crawl space doors that are perfect for outdoor use. Or order a customized crawl space door 






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