Guide to Installing a Crawl Space Door

Guide to Installing a Crawl Space Door

Installing a crawl space door is easier than you think! Despite many projects not being very DIY-friendly to the average homeowner, some crawl space doors are designed with a streamlined installation in mind. Still, you can learn enough about crawl space door installation to ensure yours is done right the first time.  


Choosing the Right Door  

Before installing your door, you need to purchase one that suits your needs. The first thing to determine is where the crawl space door is going. Any doors exposed to the exterior should be made of hardier materials so they don't deteriorate. 


If you install yours inside, you can get away with using less weather-resistant materials. That said, buying lower-quality doors is never recommended if you don't need to.   


Cathmer Crawl Space Door knows how important it is to have a door that you're confident can withstand anything. Our doors are made from stable, high-quality PVC, a material known for its versatility. These doors work well both inside and outside, so there's no guessing whether your Cathmer Crawl Space Door will get the job done. 


Measuring your crawl space opening is also a necessary part of the choosing process. It's even more critical if you're opting for a custom door. Review this handy guide for measuring a new door; it has everything you need to feel confident with your choice. 


Price is another factor many homeowners consider before buying. While finding something affordable is important, it's also crucial that you buy something that's made well and won't break down quickly. Otherwise, you aren't saving money in the end.   


There are many affordable options at Cathmer Crawl Space Door that fit the criteria of being perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. 


Installing Your Crawl Space Door  

Now that you've found the right door, it's time to talk about installation. Your installation time and difficulty will vary depending on the kind of door you buy. Cathmer Crawl Space Door provides easy-to-install doors that are also simple to use and get you set up with a new crawl space door in no time.  


If you're getting a different door, you'll probably need more tools and time at your disposal. Be prepared to review any instructions you've received since manufacturer information is vital for a proper installation. Let's walk through some other crucial points before you start.  


Prepare Your Space  

Many homeowners already have a crawl space entrance and just need to add a door to protect what's inside. But if you're not among them, you'll need to create the opening yourself.  


Have Everything You Need in Front of You  

The installation manual or information you received should detail what you'll need to install the door. If you're installing a door without a manual, like one you've made yourself, refer to guides that involve DIY installations. Regardless, you'll need every piece of the door nearby, along with any tools you’ll need for the job. 


Attach Each Element Separately  

Unless the directions state otherwise, most crawl space doors require you to attach everything to the door before connecting it with the opening.   


Cathmer Crawl Space Door doors have a unique system that takes a lot of the guesswork out of this part of the installation. There are no hinges or latches to worry about, so installation is streamlined.  


Ensure Everything Is Secure  

An insecure door doesn't offer much protection. So before you finish, make sure every element is tightly fitted. You don't want your new door coming off in bad weather or ripped off by pests that want to make your crawl space into a home. Make sure the main components, like the frame, are stable and that the door itself fits properly into them.  


Caring for Your Crawl Space Door  

Once you're finished with the installation, you'll want to do everything in your power to make sure your door stays solid and stable. How you do this will depend on what material it's made from.   


Some materials require more maintenance than others, so keep that in mind. It's worth considering how much effort you're willing to put into your door after you install it so you can ensure you're choosing the right one.  


Cathmer Crawl Space Door makes its doors from hardy PVC, so there's virtually no additional maintenance after installation. It's easy to clean and won't ever rust, so it's also more likely to last longer than other materials that deteriorate faster.  


Better Crawl Space Protection With Cathmer Crawl Space Door  

You deserve a quality crawl space door that's affordable and easy to install. And that's what you will find at Cathmer Crawl Space Door. Browse our pre-built doors ready for you to install right when they get to your home, or order our custom crawl space door options.  

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