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How to Replace Your Crawl Space Door

A homeowner gets accustomed to doing many tasks periodically, but replacing a crawl space door isn’t usually one of them. If you find yourself in this position, fear not — here are the details for easily replacing your crawl space door with a higher-quality one that will last.


Why Bother with a Crawl Space Door?

If you have a crawl space, you need easy access to it since this is usually where vital equipment like electrical and plumbing elements reside. But it shouldn’t be too easy to access a crawl space; without a doorway to conceal it, a crawl space can quickly become a nest for pests. The equipment inside could also incur water damage.


There are other benefits to having a door to your crawl space. You can store supplies there that you don’t want other people to get to. For example, storing cleaning supplies with hazardous chemicals behind the crawl space door can prevent children or pets from finding them.


Why Replace an Old Door?

Old crawl space doors past their prime can’t protect your crawl space from issues like flooding or infestations. Since the health of your crawl space can directly impact your home, it’s even more important to find a suitable replacement door, like one of the many options at Cathmer Crawl Space Doors.


Damaged crawl space doors pose two significant issues: they allow critters to make a home beneath your house, and they invite moisture in, increasing the chances of water damage or mold growth.


Signs You Need a Replacement

Here are some red flags that might be warning you it’s time to consider a crawl space door replacement.

  • The lock won’t work, or it doesn’t seal tightly
  • The door is damaged or rotting
  • You notice water damage to the door or in the crawl space


These are all dead giveaways that the door isn’t salvageable, and you’ll want to invest in a new one. When your crawl space door is in poor condition, it can potentially cost you a lot of money, especially for foundation repair and pest control.


Interior or Exterior Door?

All crawl space door replacements start with shopping for a new one. You’ll want to search for different types of doors depending on whether you’ll access the space from the exterior or interior of the building.


If your goal is to have exterior access, it’s wise to buy a door made from materials that can withstand harsh weather. Picking something too flimsy is a recipe for another replacement. 


If you require interior access to your crawl space, you have more wiggle room — it's usually okay to use most materials, provided the door is high-quality and bought from a reputable company. PVC doors are generally good for both exterior and interior use and are much more affordable than other materials.


Going Custom

Many home and building owners will quickly realize that some crawl spaces need more than a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why Cathmer Crawlspace Doors offers custom crawl space access doors — to ensure you get the perfect fit. 


If you can’t make some of the other excellent options at Cathmer work, contact us about creating a door for you!


Replace Your Crawl Space Door 

Replacing your crawl space door with Cathmer couldn't be easier. You won't need countless tools and supplies, and our doors come with a special kind of latch: a magnet catch. This magnet catch keeps your door secure, and there are no metal components on the door that can rust, making your door last longer. 

Start With the Frame

When you have purchased your door, you should have multiple components ready, including a masonry drill, screws, and a pencil. Always use the frame you received with your door. 


Ensure the frame is as snug as possible between the wall openings. Once you’re sure it’s tight enough, secure the frame to the foundation with masonry screws and a masonry drill.


Install the Door

Now that the frame is in place, you can install your crawl space door. Simply slot the door into place and ensure it is secured well by opening and closing the door and seeing if the magnet catch engages correctly.


Replace Your Crawl Space Door 

If you need a new crawl space door, you'll find the perfect fit at Cathmer. Even if our baseline PVC doors aren’t the right fit, we’re prepared to create a custom door that matches your opening exactly. Shop now or reach out to us today to learn more about our products and customization options.

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