What Size Is a Standard Crawl Space Door?

What Size Is a Standard Crawl Space Door?

Having efficient storage on your property is crucial — home and business owners are always trying to use their space the best way they can. However, they don’t often think about installing a crawl space door. This is a great way to make more of the space you already have.  


Sealing off your crawl space is a smart move for creating more storage. The extra room allows you to keep the rest of your property free from clutter. However, you must follow specific codes and regulations, like ensuring the door to the crawl space is the right size.   


Why Do Homes and Businesses Have a Crawl Space?    

Homes and businesses typically have crawl spaces because they save money and provide convenience. Depending on where you live, buildings may need crawl spaces because the location is prone to flooding. Additionally, many homes are built on slopes. These conditions can lead to shifting foundations if the land is not graded correctly. 


It can be expensive to create a level surface and ensure it’s settled and won’t shift. And unfortunately, no one can guarantee that movement won’t happen in the future. That’s why engineers design houses with special supports and beams that lift them off the ground while keeping them securely in place.   


This design works well for homes built on hills and helps those on flat land by stopping rain and flood water from entering.  


A crawl space also makes it easier to repair and maintain pipes, wires, and HVAC systems. If a house is built directly on concrete, everything must be installed before pouring the concrete. If you ever have a pipe leak, technicians may have to break the concrete to complete repairs, and this can get expensive.   


Concrete foundations also eliminate extra storage space. Many houses with crawl spaces have a door that helps keep moisture and critters out. It helps create a clean, dry place to store items you don’t regularly use.   


Why Installing a Crawl Space Door Is Essential  

Without a crawl space door, your house is open to the outside air, water, and pests. This can increase humidity levels, contribute to mold growth, and weaken your home’s structural integrity.  


After having the correct size crawl space door installed, you’ll gain the following benefits:   

  • Improved home air quality  
  • No rodents, insects, or other wildlife  
  • No rain or snow water entering the area   
  • Increased property value   


Choose a premium crawl space door from a reputable company to maximize these benefits.   


Standard Sizing for a Crawl Space Door  

The International Residential Code (IRC) created a list of building construction rules. These codes ensure that buildings are clean and safe for people to work and live in. Although the IRC doesn’t mandate that local governing bodies follow these codes, many places use them as a guide to establish their construction codes.   


According to the IRC, all access doors in a crawl space must be easy to access in case of an emergency or to complete repairs. The standard size for a crawl space door is 18x24 inches. However, the entrances must measure at least 16 inches high and 24 inches wide. Depending on the size of your opening, you may need a larger door.  


Choosing a Door for Your Crawl Space  

Although many materials and sizes are available for crawl space doors, it is crucial to choose the best one based on your preferences and needs.   


Wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and steel are reliable choices. These materials are durable, water-resistant, and low maintenance. However, plastic crawl space doors are the ultimate choice for many families and businesses. This material is inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to install.   


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is often used to make plastic doors. High-quality PVC can help these doors last longer despite damp conditions, which is one of the reasons why at Cathmer, we make our doors from PVC. 


Custom Crawl Space Doors       

The top option for closing off your crawl space is a custom-made door. Due to the design of the opening, a standard door may not fit properly. If the opening is flush with the ground or too close to something else, you may run into problems. Other times, a standard door may be too small.   


Custom crawl space doors are designed according to your unique door opening. You must provide the design team with the opening height and width measurements. A custom door will be built according to these specifications, with the expectation that any existing door frame and other components will be removed before installation. At Cathmer, we can create a variety of custom crawl space doors for your space.  


Start Shopping for Your Crawl Space Door Today    

Are you ready to protect your crawl space and transform it into additional storage? Take a few moments to measure the height and width of the opening so you know the exact door size you need. Once you have that information, you’re ready to begin!   


Shop now with Cathmer Crawl Space Doors to order a custom door or choose from one of our standard products. Either way, you’ll receive a high-quality PVC door delivered straight to your home.  



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