Preventing Water Damage: How Crawl Space Doors Can Help

Preventing Water Damage: How Crawl Space Doors Can Help

A broken or missing crawl space door allows water to enter the space. When too much water gets in, it can cause flooding, make the air more humid, invite pests, and lead to mold growth.  


Getting a high-quality, custom door for your crawl space is a smart move to keep your house safe. Without a door, this part of your home is susceptible to prolonged exposure to moisture and increased risk of water damage. A custom solution is the best choice because it will fit perfectly, helping keep your home dry and cozy. 


The Trouble With Having Water in Your Crawl Space 

Many homes sitting atop a crawl space need better moisture management. Water enters this area because of uneven grading. It can trap groundwater against the foundation, causing it to leak through the smallest gap in your foundation. Sometimes, the leak takes a while to affect anything, but you’ll eventually notice the damage to your home.   


Another source of water in your crawl space is the plumbing system. A leaky pipe can create puddles and moisture underneath your home. When this moisture remains in the crawl space, mold can grow, and spores quickly spread throughout the small space.  


A moldy crawl space also leads to numerous health problems, like asthma, irritated eyes, and allergic reactions. Proactively installing a crawl space door is crucial to maintaining your health and your home's structural integrity. 


How a Crawl Space Door Prevents Water Damage  

A properly fitting crawl space door protects your home against water damage. Without one, your crawl space remains vulnerable to moisture and ongoing issues.  


Moisture Control  

Sealing off this area makes it less sensitive to water sources, including plumbing leaks, groundwater, or humidity. It’s a valuable form of moisture control that prevents mold and mildew growth.  


Prevents Structural Damage  

Water in a crawl space not only contributes to mold growth but can also cause structural damage. Floor joists, wooden beams, and subflooring may rot and compromise your home’s structural integrity.  


Adding a crawl space door creates a barrier. It prevents water from entering the space, protecting your home from unsafe conditions because of structural damage and related costly repairs. 


Prevents Water Damage  

Homeowners want to avoid dealing with the costs associated with water damage. A crawl space door protects your home against water-related devastation before it can enter. A strong PVC door stops water from getting into the crawl space, protecting your home from damage.  


What You Should Look for in a Crawl Space Door  

A good crawl space door can protect your home, improve air quality, and deter pests. It’s vital to know what qualities make up a good door. Look for a door with these features. 



A high-quality crawl space door will be made from durable materials. For example, you should avoid doors with metal hinges and latches. These components can rust, causing the door to lock up. 


Closed Seams 

While you want convenient access, crawl space doors shouldn’t have open seams. If you can see the light shining through when you close the door, it is not the right type, or your current one needs replacing. 


Open seams allow cool or warm air and water to leak into your crawl space. This can damage your crawl space and cause inconsistent home temperatures.   



Traditionally, crawl space doors are wooden. However, this material is susceptible to water damage and a shortened lifespan. 


Many homeowners today choose PVC crawl space doors. This material is ideal because it doesn’t rust or rot and is resistant to attacks from rodents and other critters. 


Because of their resistance, PVC doors have the longevity you’ll want in a crawl space door. They can withstand the elements and perform well in any climate. 


Easy to Use  

Unless you use your crawl space for storage, you likely won’t enter it often. However, having an easy-to-use door simplifies getting inside this tunnel-like space. You’ll want this space to be easy to enter so technicians can quickly and effectively address repairs or check for unwanted pests.  


You’ll want a door designed to last a long time. Choose an option without metal hinges and latches. A slot and magnet catch-type door is ideal because these components are more rust-resistant. You’ll enjoy easy access and won’t have to worry about rust locking up your door.  


Consider a Custom Door  

Custom crawl space doors are the perfect solution for the best protection and easiest access. You’ll provide your crawl space entryway dimensions to a reliable manufacturer. They will produce a long-lasting door you know will fit.   


Protect Your Home With Custom Crawl Space Door Solutions 

Are you worried about water damage in your crawl space? You don’t have to be! Cathmer Crawl Space Door sells high-quality pre-made and custom doors that protect your home from water damage. Start shopping online today, and don’t hesitate to call with questions!  



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