Why Choose a Custom Crawl Space Access Door?

Why Choose a Custom Crawl Space Access Door?

Crawl space doors aren’t often talked about, but they are crucial to the health of your home. Your crawl space impacts your quality of life more than you know. It also affects your home’s structural integrity, which means it’s essential to protect your crawl space by ensuring proper conditions.  


The first thing you should consider is the quality of your crawl space access door. Prefabricated doors will cover the entrance to your crawl space, but they may not fit your aesthetics. Instead, consider investing in a custom crawl space door that will have a secure seal and prevent unwanted pest and intruder problems.  


Why Choose a Custom Crawl Space Access Door 

Custom crawl space access doors come with multiple benefits that many homeowners might not immediately think about. From energy efficiency to pest control, these doors help you save money in the long run.  


A custom door is a valuable investment for any homeowner. However, not all doors are going to be up to par. Some doors, especially those made in large numbers at a factory, can have quality issues. Instead, custom crawl space access doors are the smart choice for homeowners.  



A custom crawl space door lets you add your own style and flair into the design. You get to choose the hardware, colors, and materials that pair well with your house and suit your aesthetic. 


A standard crawl space door spans more than 18 inches. However, depending on the location of your door, it could be bigger or smaller. A custom solution ensures you have the perfect fit at the exact size to create a tight seal.  



Custom doors are made by experienced craftsmen who have a caring touch. These doors tend to last longer than their prefabricated counterparts. You can trust that you’ll receive a product made with high-quality materials and fabrication methods that will last through the harshest weather. 



Any crawl space door will provide some insulation in your crawl space. A custom door offers better insulation than a prefabricated door because it is designed to fit the specific dimensions of your entrance. It will have a better seal that prevents air from entering or exiting and impacting your comfort. 


Better insulation and a tight seal will help maintain more consistent temperatures in your crawl space and your home, reducing the amount of work your HVAC system must do. Less strain on your HVAC system helps to lower your energy use. In turn, you may have lower utility bills.  


Improved Indoor Air Quality 

Due to its tight seal, a custom crawl space door can prevent moisture buildup. This reduces the chance that mold and mildew will grow underneath your home and make you sick. 


Pest Control 

Aside from moisture, one of the worst problems a homeowner can have in their crawl space is a pest infestation. Once critters are inside your crawl space, they wreak havoc on your home, leaving droppings that spread disease and tearing up wires that could cause a fire. 


A properly fitted crawl space door can help protect your home against these miniature invaders. Custom crawl space doors provide this seal and disrupt the conditions needed for rats and insects to survive. 


How to Know Whether You Could Benefit From a Custom Crawl Space Access Door 

Unless you understand how a crawl space door should fit and seal, you might not know when your door no longer does what it’s supposed to do.  


Inspect your crawl space door for these signs to learn whether its integrity has been compromised, and it is no longer protecting your home.   


It Doesn’t Have a Tight Fit Within the Door Frame 

A tight seal on the access door stops moisture and pests from entering. It also helps manage the temperature underneath your home. When your door no longer fits within the frame tightly, contact a professional about installing a custom crawl space access door.  


It’s Showing Signs of Rot 

Some areas are prone to high humidity. Excess moisture in the air can cause a lot of problems for crawl space doors if they’re not constructed from the right materials. If the door starts rotting, it opens the way for pests and moisture to enter.  


You See Evidence of Water 

If you notice puddling or other signs of moisture around the inside of the door, it has been compromised. Your door is no longer performing as expected. These areas will not dry out on their own, which means that you’ll need to run fans to circulate air or install a dehumidifier.   


Custom Crawl Space Access Doors You Can Trust 

If you’re ready to ensure your home has adequate protection, you need a high-quality product from Cathmer Crawl Space Door. We offer custom solutions, giving you a door that will create a tight seal. Start shopping for custom prefabricated doors, and we’ll get your custom door started!  

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